Top android games this week [2017]

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Top android games this week


Google Play is known for offering thousands of games that you can play right now. But what games were released this week, is there something great for you?

Bouncy Hoops

Google play link :

The game is all about playing some basketball and it can easily be a very fun, exciting arcade game that you will enjoy a lot. It’s really nice to play and the fact that you will play it all the time does tend to work to your own advantage. It really is a nice experience, and one that will end being quite interesting in its own right for sure.



– Addictive one touch handles aka gameplay
– Over 20 balls to unlock
– Play in 5 unique locations
– Retro arcade style and sound

Cubie Adventure

Google play link :

With this great exploration and adventure game, you enter a world of cubes where all you have to do is to survive. It’s not as easy as you can imagine, in fact it can be quite demanding to be honest. But the gameplay will surely be quite rewarding in the end.



Cubie Adventure also offers Crazy and Racing challenges to provide some variety between stages. Crazy mode pits you against a series of four levels that must definitely be completed without dying, otherwise you’re sent back to the initial stage and need certainly to retry from the beginning. Racing mode drops you in a period alongside the ghosts of four other players and challenges one to beat their time, awarding prizes and rank increases for third place or above. All three modes use an energy-esque “key” system to let you play, with keys refilling as time passes in addition to being earned through chests and achievements.

Epic Little War Game

Google play link :

Thanks to this war game, you will have a wonderful strategic gameplay that works to your own advantage. It really is a very interesting and downright impressive experience, one that you will enjoy quite a lot in the end. There are lots of outstanding challenges to be had here, so you just get more and more gameplay all the time.

Epic Little War Game


• Lots of single player missions, tons of maps, map generator, co-op or skirmish online or local play and unique visuals make this probably the most comprehensive strategic war game on mobile!

• Single player campaign mode teaches newbies ‘the ropes’and develops battle tactics across a range of intensive missions

• Take on friends and family or ally with their forces to defeat the enemy with around 6 player Skirmish mode

• A huge choice of battlefields, from epic mountain valleys to lush lakeland passes, frozen cliff-top encounters to heat of vast jungles

• Random map generator for infinite replayability, plus the ability to save the maps you love playing

• Online co-operative or PVP gameplay – are you currently epic enough to battle the world’s greatest Generals?

• Complete freedom to produce your personal tactics, deploying your warriors and hardware, as you see fit – every battle is different!

SUP Multiplayer Racing

Google play link :

As the name says, this is a multiplayer racing game with tons and tons of customization options and interesting ideas integrated in here. It’s a delight to play and it does provide you with lots of replay value. It’s a wonderful multiplayer game and you should totally check it out!

SUP Multiplayer Racing Game

Features :

  • Personalize your cars with a wide range of skins
  • Complete your collection of Muscle Cars, Monster Trucks, Rally Cars, Hot Rods, and more!
  • Evolve your cars to unlock more upgrades (Brakes, Turbo, Tires…)
  • Build your personal custom tracks using the level editor
  • Share them with the entire world and get upvotes to win gems

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